Tag: NPC


  • Lavender Lil

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/177714/LavenderLil.jpg(Lavender lil)! Like many of the city’s tieflings, Lil grew up an orphan in Riddleport. She earned her coin by telling stories on street corners, where her fantastical tales garnered just …

  • Saul Vancaskerkin

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/177715/Saul.jpg(Saul)! Saul Vancaskerkin is a short, balding, greying, middle-aged human. His life has been devoted to [[Riddleport | Riddleport's]] most lucrative career choice, crime, until the last decade or so. …

  • Old Scratch

    Old Scratch is a cantankerous imp, trapped on the material plane because he owes [[Saul Vancaskerkin]] services. He really wants to go back to his home plane but is prevented from doing so by his contract with [[Saul Vancaskerkin | Saul]]. RIP

  • Samaritha Beldusk

    Samaritha Beldusk is a young half-elf wizard who wants to join the [[Cyphermages | Order of Cyphers]] but unfortunately none of the [[Cyphermages]] are taking apprentices right now. So, she spends her time selling spellcasting and trying to make ends meet …

  • Bojask

    [[Saul Vancaskerkin | Vancaskerkin’s]] personal bodyguard, drunkard, and beast-keeper for the Octahedron fighting pit at the [[Golden Goblin]].

  • Elias Tammerhawk

    Elias Tammerhawk is the current leader of the [[Cyphermages | Order of Cyphers]]. He is currently in his second 8-year term as the elected leader.

  • Kwava

    Kwava was born to a tribe of wild elves in the Mwangi Expanse far to the South of [[Varisia]] across the Inner Sea. When he came of age he began to travel Golarion, finally reaching [[Varisia]]. When in [[Varisia]] he went to the elven village of Crying …

  • Clegg Zincher

    Clegg Zincher is one of the crimelords that run [[Riddleport]]. He has been plotting with someone known only as D.A. His motivations are not fully know, but knowing his reputation they involve money and power.

  • Sharha Frostpaw

    Sharha Frostpaw was born in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, on the border with the Hold of Belkzen. She was the product of an orc raid on one of the tribes. She was raised by her human mother for five years, at which point her mother died. No one else in …

  • Edrik Earlhammer

    75 years ago in the city of Janderhoff was born a dwarf child that caused a great stir within the dwarven community. He was born with a birthmark over his right shoulder in the shape of a warhammer. The dwarves took it as a sign form Torag and the child …