weapon (melee)

Sakat-Kokan (Orcish for Axe-Hammer) is an old orcish tool belonging to Bulosh. It is quite like a great axe, only on the other side of the head, the metal is shaped like a maul. It is a utility tool that was once owned by Buloshs’ Orc grandfather and given to him as a gift for his 16th birthday.

(This is also Buloshs’ Heirloom Weapon and has all the trait bonuses)


Orcish Blacksmiths made Sakat-Kokans as a way to conserve metal by making a multi-function tool. The Sakat-Kokan belonging to Bulosh once belonged to his grandfather.

This tool can be interchangeably used as a Greataxe (1d12, Slashing) or a Mace, Heavy. (1d8 Bludgeoning) It weighs 13 lbs.

(More will be added when the campaign progresses)


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