Gaiscioch Second Darkness

A Night in the Boneyard

I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

A couple of days after the return of the high grade alcohol Saul calls the group up to his office in the Golden Goblin. Once they group is assembled he tells them of a meeting he’s heard about in the Boneyard, a section of Riddleport where derelict ships, and bodies, are dumped. The meeting was to take place that night at midnight so Saul gives the group the night off from their normal duties to allow them to pursue this lead.

A few of the group go early in the day to take a look at the site the meeting is supposed to take place at. From the look of that area of the Bone yard they determine that a westerly approach is the best option. They return and report this to the rest of the group.

Near midnight the group heads out to the Boneyard. Taking the westerly approach to the meeting location, they come upon 5 people standing in a circle being very quite, or so they thought. Sharha approaches the group and realizes that the group are strawmen. At the moment wererats jump out of hiding spots and attack.

During the fight an unknown person appears and helps the group defeat the wererats. After the fight is over he identifies himself as Kwava, and his falcon as Genmeed. He shows the group a note that he recovered from a wererat that he ambushed on it’s way here. After spiffing the wererats they had just killed the group discovers a second note that confirms the note given to them by Kwava. Bulosh was bitten by one of the were rats during the battle and the group decides to return to Kwava’s camp with him to see if Bulosh becomes sick and to recover before acting on the notes… confronting Saul Vancaskerkin.

Bulosh did contract Filth Fever from the wererat bite. After some discussion Bulosh says that he’ll be fine and they should go confront Saul. As the group approaches the Golden Goblin they see four armed men they have never seen before at the steps leading into the Golden Goblin. These men engage the group and are quickly defeated. Proceeding in to the Golden Goblin the group is assaulted by more of these thugs and continue further into the Golden Goblin defeating the thugs as they go. As they move into the kitchen Bulosh and Faraois Siuloir think they hear grunting like a pig. In the kitchen they encounter more of the the thugs and out of the stairwell bursts a large boar and his master. After defeating them the group moved upstairs, still looking for Saul


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