Gaiscioch Second Darkness

Of Mages and Thieves

Things go... right?

The party, with the exception of Ona who fell suddenly ill, escort Lavender Lil to the “Cheat the Devil, Take His Gold” event at the Golden Goblin. After they arrive they decide to stay for a little while and Edrik and Bulosh find the bar. A few rounds in Bulosh starts feeling woozy and then finds the lavatory. Suddenly there is a brilliant flash that blinds the patrons and guards of the Golden Goblin. A group of six individuals attempted to rob the Golden Goblin and its patrons during the “Cheat the Devil, Take His Gold” event. The party managed to fight them off before they could accomplish their goal of taking the event prize money and the patron’s belongings. As a reward for this Saul Vancaskerkin owner of the Golden Goblin offers to employ the players to help him get the gaming hall back on its feet.

During the day after the “Cheat the Devil, Take His Gold” event the players go around town asking about the " Blot " (as it is being called) that is over Riddleport. They find themselves directed to the Order of Cyphers. While at the Cypher Lodge, they ask about the " Blot " and find out that no one really has any idea what it is and so far all lines of inquiry have lead to dead-ends. The only thing that anyone has been able to discern is that something is in the Blot and very far away and it is radiating transmutation and evocation magic. Faraois Siuloir spent some of the day observing the local wildlife and noted that nothing seems strange with the way the animals are acting.

During the party’s first evening on the job at the Golden Goblin three drunkards come in and begin to harass patrons of the Golden Goblin, pushing a Half-Elven lady into a table and knocking all of the bets around on that table. Bulosh asks them to leave, which causes them to become more belligerent and call him a “green-skin”. At this time Samantha approaches and is pushed down, very unceremoniously onto her butt, by one of the three drunks. She proceeds to stab him through the throat with her rapier. She then begins to saw the dead drunks head off in the middle of the casino floor. This causes other party members to drag her and the dead drunk’s corpse off into a back room. Bulosh again asks the drunks to leave, this time they do. The Half-Elf that was shoved introduces herself as Samaritha Beldusk to Bulosh and offers to do the party a favor in return for dealing with the drunks. Bulosh declines, saying he was just doing his job. Samaritha leaves the offer open anyway.


Find Faraois’ take on all this on the Gaiscioch forums in the PnP area. =)

Of Mages and Thieves
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