Gaiscioch Second Darkness

Descent, Starfalls, and Sea Voyages

Here the rhyme of the Ancient Mariner

At this time a robed man enters the Golden Goblin saying he was lead here by portentous dreams. After a short debate the group decides to let him come with them. The group descends into the smuggler’s tunnels beneath the Golden Goblin to find a long drop that ends in a pool of stagnant, brackish water. Out of this pool rises two wights. Which are dispatched without too much trouble by the group. After dispatching the wights the group proceeds down a narrow corridor that only allows the passage of one individual at a time. After a ways the corridor opens up into a warren of small tunnels and chambers that are infested with the cause of the smell, troglodyte. A running battle ensues as the troglodyte fall back further into the cave system. After dispatching the troglodyte the group continues further into the smuggler’s tunnels to happen upon a pair of small demons. After a heated fight these too are dispatched by the group.

Exploring further down the tunnels the group finds a group of dark-skinned elves that immediately attack. The fight is a long and uncertain one with the dark-skinned elves employing magics to darken the tunnels to gain an advantage. In the end one of the dark-skinned elves escapes through a vertical shaft that was excavated next to the Cyphergate. At this time there is a rumbling and the whole world seems to shake…

When the group emerges from the Golden Goblin the whole of Riddleport is in a panic. A tsunami has wrecked the docks and many of the ships that were in port. The people of Riddleport are coming together for the common good in a way not before witnessed by the group. After the initial panic had passed the group noticed that the Blot was no longer in the sky and went to ask the Cyphermages about it and the dark-skinned elves. The Cyphermages knew that whatever was causing the Blot fell from the sky and impacted the surface of Golarion to the West of Riddleport, and claimed to know nothing of the dark-skinned elves, but the elven wizard the group was talking too cast an illusion upon the corpse to make it look like a normal elf.

After this the group decided to head to Devil’s Elbow, an island and navigational hazard off the coast of Varisia and investigate what is now being called the Starfall. To accomplish this they contact a Captain Josper Creesey and his ship the Flying Cloud. The Flying Cloud is the most sea worthy ship still in the harbor of Riddleport and it needs about a week of work to become seaworthy. After spending a week idle while the Flying Cloud is repaired the group set off for Devil’s Elbow.


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