Gaiscioch Second Darkness

The Fiery Night and The Lavender Lady

Burning down the house

The party was sleeping at the Nameless Inn about a half a days travel from Riddleport. In the middle of the night they smelled smoke and woke to discover that the inn was engulfed in flames that a group of bandits was starting. After dispatching all but one of the bandits and finding out that the innkeeper man, his wife, daughter, and two sons had been killed they interrogated the remaining bandit. He was none too bright and not very well informed. All he knew was that the orders to burn down the inn came from the boss’ contact that came from Riddleport and that the contact was referred to by the boss as " Z ".

With nowhere to sleep the party pushed on through the night into Riddleport arriving mid-morning. They were not in town 5 minutes when a barker came up to them with a flyer for a gambling event called “Cheat the Devil, Take His Gold”. The party decided to go check out the Golden Goblin where this event was being held later that day. While Ona, Faraois Siuloir, Edrik Earlhammer, Shifty, and Sharha looked around and talked to some of the guards at the Golden Goblin; Samantha and Bulosh took the captive bandit to the Riddleport docks and sold him into slavery. Ona thought something might be up and questioned Samantha before she and Bulosh left, she convinced him they were just going to scare the bandit (more) and release him.

After they were done talking to the guards the majority of the party went to a tavern that was nearby for some drinks. While in the tavern they were approached by a woman named Lavender Lil who had a proposition for them. She needed an escort to the Golden Goblin during the “Cheat the Devil, Take His Gold” event tonight. She said she was in trouble and needed to lay low for a while and she was meeting someone there that was going to hide her. The party agreed to help her. At this point Samantha and Bulosh returned and found the rest of the party in the tavern talking to Lavender Lil. Samantha decided that it’d be funny to mess with Lavender Lil and grab onto her horns. Lavender Lil did not take kindly to this and flipped out a war razor and returned Samantha’s kindness by informing her that if she did that again Samantha would leave without one of her breasts.


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