Gaiscioch Second Darkness

Descent, Starfalls, and Sea Voyages
Here the rhyme of the Ancient Mariner

At this time a robed man enters the Golden Goblin saying he was lead here by portentous dreams. After a short debate the group decides to let him come with them. The group descends into the smuggler’s tunnels beneath the Golden Goblin to find a long drop that ends in a pool of stagnant, brackish water. Out of this pool rises two wights. Which are dispatched without too much trouble by the group. After dispatching the wights the group proceeds down a narrow corridor that only allows the passage of one individual at a time. After a ways the corridor opens up into a warren of small tunnels and chambers that are infested with the cause of the smell, troglodyte. A running battle ensues as the troglodyte fall back further into the cave system. After dispatching the troglodyte the group continues further into the smuggler’s tunnels to happen upon a pair of small demons. After a heated fight these too are dispatched by the group.

Exploring further down the tunnels the group finds a group of dark-skinned elves that immediately attack. The fight is a long and uncertain one with the dark-skinned elves employing magics to darken the tunnels to gain an advantage. In the end one of the dark-skinned elves escapes through a vertical shaft that was excavated next to the Cyphergate. At this time there is a rumbling and the whole world seems to shake…

When the group emerges from the Golden Goblin the whole of Riddleport is in a panic. A tsunami has wrecked the docks and many of the ships that were in port. The people of Riddleport are coming together for the common good in a way not before witnessed by the group. After the initial panic had passed the group noticed that the Blot was no longer in the sky and went to ask the Cyphermages about it and the dark-skinned elves. The Cyphermages knew that whatever was causing the Blot fell from the sky and impacted the surface of Golarion to the West of Riddleport, and claimed to know nothing of the dark-skinned elves, but the elven wizard the group was talking too cast an illusion upon the corpse to make it look like a normal elf.

After this the group decided to head to Devil’s Elbow, an island and navigational hazard off the coast of Varisia and investigate what is now being called the Starfall. To accomplish this they contact a Captain Josper Creesey and his ship the Flying Cloud. The Flying Cloud is the most sea worthy ship still in the harbor of Riddleport and it needs about a week of work to become seaworthy. After spending a week idle while the Flying Cloud is repaired the group set off for Devil’s Elbow.

A Night in the Boneyard
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon

A couple of days after the return of the high grade alcohol Saul calls the group up to his office in the Golden Goblin. Once they group is assembled he tells them of a meeting he’s heard about in the Boneyard, a section of Riddleport where derelict ships, and bodies, are dumped. The meeting was to take place that night at midnight so Saul gives the group the night off from their normal duties to allow them to pursue this lead.

A few of the group go early in the day to take a look at the site the meeting is supposed to take place at. From the look of that area of the Bone yard they determine that a westerly approach is the best option. They return and report this to the rest of the group.

Near midnight the group heads out to the Boneyard. Taking the westerly approach to the meeting location, they come upon 5 people standing in a circle being very quite, or so they thought. Sharha approaches the group and realizes that the group are strawmen. At the moment wererats jump out of hiding spots and attack.

During the fight an unknown person appears and helps the group defeat the wererats. After the fight is over he identifies himself as Kwava, and his falcon as Genmeed. He shows the group a note that he recovered from a wererat that he ambushed on it’s way here. After spiffing the wererats they had just killed the group discovers a second note that confirms the note given to them by Kwava. Bulosh was bitten by one of the were rats during the battle and the group decides to return to Kwava’s camp with him to see if Bulosh becomes sick and to recover before acting on the notes… confronting Saul Vancaskerkin.

Bulosh did contract Filth Fever from the wererat bite. After some discussion Bulosh says that he’ll be fine and they should go confront Saul. As the group approaches the Golden Goblin they see four armed men they have never seen before at the steps leading into the Golden Goblin. These men engage the group and are quickly defeated. Proceeding in to the Golden Goblin the group is assaulted by more of these thugs and continue further into the Golden Goblin defeating the thugs as they go. As they move into the kitchen Bulosh and Faraois Siuloir think they hear grunting like a pig. In the kitchen they encounter more of the the thugs and out of the stairwell bursts a large boar and his master. After defeating them the group moved upstairs, still looking for Saul

Snakes, Space Oddities, and Bored Meetings
in which Saul does the Safety Dance

The next day Bulosh talks with Saul about training the house security of the Golden Goblin. Saul agrees that this would be a good thing. Saul decides that Samantha will be guarding the vault from now on to keep her out of the public eye, especially now that she’s keeping the skull of the drunk she killed with her.

As Saul was finishing up talking to his new staff members a package arrived for him. He went and opened the package, inside was three venomous snakes. Saul ran off into the vault and the snakes were expertly handled by Faraois. Whom took the snakes outside and fed them chickens to satiate and calm them. After the snakes were safely outside Saul reemerged from the vault and was given the note from the bottom of the box. The snakes and note were a warning from a man named Klegg. Saul insisted that this matter did not involve his new associates and they shouldn’t worry themselves with it but he did have something for them to do.

A man named Lymas Smeed owes the Golden Goblin 2,000 gold and Saul wants his new associates to collect the debt. The party approached Lymas Smeed’s residence they find out he is a usurer. The door has a sign that reads by appointment only. Bulosh knocks on the door and doesn’t receive an answer. After a couple of tries with no result Faraois and Samantha head to the back of the building to see if there is a back exit, which there is. Bulosh kicks in the front door and heads inside. Faraois and Samantha begin trying to kick in the backdoor to the building with much less success.

Once inside the group are confronted by a strange beast that they have never seen before (a baboon). Edrik moves in to swing at the beast but falls short. Then a crossbow bolt is shot from the stairs but it misses Edrik. Bulosh heads toward the stairs to engage the man with the crossbow. During the chaos of the fight Shifty is struck by the man with the crossbow, between the strenght of the shot and the poison on the bolt’s tip Shifty is brought low. Edrik moves to heal Shifty with his divinely granted healing power and Bulosh tackles the crossbowman.

At this time Samantha manages to break down the back door and Faraois moves into the building and quickly launches a stone from her sling at the baboon which flies wide. The baboon is slain by Shifty with his magic after Edrik’s healing. Bulosh and the crossbowman fight up and down the stairs. The crossbowman realizes things are not going his way and makes a break for the door. He is tripped by Samantha and uses a vial of poison to take his own life. As he dies Sharha hears him mutter “… won’t <unclear> Z”. The group searches the building and finds the 2,000 gold owed to Saul plus some and notice that the crossbowman, whom they now know to be Lymas Smeed, was carrying a masterwork crossbow, masterwork scimitar, 2 potions and wearing a suit of magical studded leather armor, plus some personal coin.

Later that night while working at the Golden Goblin all metal becomes magnetized for around 30 minutes. The group also discovers that Samaritha has begun working at the Golden Goblin. The next morning everyone except Faraois notices that Faraois is emitting a purple smoke. When looked at with detect magic she is surrounded by a faint aura of transmutation and evocation magic. Some of the group go to ask the Cyphermages about this. The Cyphermages are at a loss to explain either event.

When the group returns to the Golden Goblin they find that Bulosh has called a meeting for the next day. During the meeting Bulosh discusses his new training and security plans to the staff and asks Samaritha to learn fire extinguishing magic, which she agrees to do. As the meeting was coming to a close a man rushes in and tells Saul that his shipment isn’t being unloaded from a ship as planned and there may be some complications…

Of Mages and Thieves
Things go... right?

The party, with the exception of Ona who fell suddenly ill, escort Lavender Lil to the “Cheat the Devil, Take His Gold” event at the Golden Goblin. After they arrive they decide to stay for a little while and Edrik and Bulosh find the bar. A few rounds in Bulosh starts feeling woozy and then finds the lavatory. Suddenly there is a brilliant flash that blinds the patrons and guards of the Golden Goblin. A group of six individuals attempted to rob the Golden Goblin and its patrons during the “Cheat the Devil, Take His Gold” event. The party managed to fight them off before they could accomplish their goal of taking the event prize money and the patron’s belongings. As a reward for this Saul Vancaskerkin owner of the Golden Goblin offers to employ the players to help him get the gaming hall back on its feet.

During the day after the “Cheat the Devil, Take His Gold” event the players go around town asking about the " Blot " (as it is being called) that is over Riddleport. They find themselves directed to the Order of Cyphers. While at the Cypher Lodge, they ask about the " Blot " and find out that no one really has any idea what it is and so far all lines of inquiry have lead to dead-ends. The only thing that anyone has been able to discern is that something is in the Blot and very far away and it is radiating transmutation and evocation magic. Faraois Siuloir spent some of the day observing the local wildlife and noted that nothing seems strange with the way the animals are acting.

During the party’s first evening on the job at the Golden Goblin three drunkards come in and begin to harass patrons of the Golden Goblin, pushing a Half-Elven lady into a table and knocking all of the bets around on that table. Bulosh asks them to leave, which causes them to become more belligerent and call him a “green-skin”. At this time Samantha approaches and is pushed down, very unceremoniously onto her butt, by one of the three drunks. She proceeds to stab him through the throat with her rapier. She then begins to saw the dead drunks head off in the middle of the casino floor. This causes other party members to drag her and the dead drunk’s corpse off into a back room. Bulosh again asks the drunks to leave, this time they do. The Half-Elf that was shoved introduces herself as Samaritha Beldusk to Bulosh and offers to do the party a favor in return for dealing with the drunks. Bulosh declines, saying he was just doing his job. Samaritha leaves the offer open anyway.

The Fiery Night and The Lavender Lady
Burning down the house

The party was sleeping at the Nameless Inn about a half a days travel from Riddleport. In the middle of the night they smelled smoke and woke to discover that the inn was engulfed in flames that a group of bandits was starting. After dispatching all but one of the bandits and finding out that the innkeeper man, his wife, daughter, and two sons had been killed they interrogated the remaining bandit. He was none too bright and not very well informed. All he knew was that the orders to burn down the inn came from the boss’ contact that came from Riddleport and that the contact was referred to by the boss as " Z ".

With nowhere to sleep the party pushed on through the night into Riddleport arriving mid-morning. They were not in town 5 minutes when a barker came up to them with a flyer for a gambling event called “Cheat the Devil, Take His Gold”. The party decided to go check out the Golden Goblin where this event was being held later that day. While Ona, Faraois Siuloir, Edrik Earlhammer, Shifty, and Sharha looked around and talked to some of the guards at the Golden Goblin; Samantha and Bulosh took the captive bandit to the Riddleport docks and sold him into slavery. Ona thought something might be up and questioned Samantha before she and Bulosh left, she convinced him they were just going to scare the bandit (more) and release him.

After they were done talking to the guards the majority of the party went to a tavern that was nearby for some drinks. While in the tavern they were approached by a woman named Lavender Lil who had a proposition for them. She needed an escort to the Golden Goblin during the “Cheat the Devil, Take His Gold” event tonight. She said she was in trouble and needed to lay low for a while and she was meeting someone there that was going to hide her. The party agreed to help her. At this point Samantha and Bulosh returned and found the rest of the party in the tavern talking to Lavender Lil. Samantha decided that it’d be funny to mess with Lavender Lil and grab onto her horns. Lavender Lil did not take kindly to this and flipped out a war razor and returned Samantha’s kindness by informing her that if she did that again Samantha would leave without one of her breasts.


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